Improve performance

& process time

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

Advanced features made simple

Use cutting-edge automation and advanced routes to manage any warehouse.

Geo Based Trucking & Transportation
From Single  Real time Dashboard or App


Fast service

Easy Navigate To Customer and Delivery goods in less than a 30 sec with customer acknowledgement and feedback.

Our Innovations

Delivery Staff & Manager Auto Shift Start and End Shift Geo Based, Track Available Drivers, Occupied Drivers, Track Live by each Picking ID from Driver Location to customers Location.

Live Track Deliveries

Manager, Supervisor, Customer Can Track Deliveries Staff Locations Real time.

Less stock, no stockouts

with fully automated replenishment.

Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever.


Businesses & Industries

NEXUSWARTEC marketplace software will facilitate sellers to sell their products directly to the consumers. Fulfills the overall operation of an eCommerce marketplace platform. Hook an enormous audience globally with your multi vendor platform through delivering endless shopping experiences, where the consumer can buy with more comfort.

  •  Feature Rich Solution

  •  Customizable & Scalable

  •  Lifetime Ownership

  •  Secured payment gateways

  •  Flexible revenue model

  •  Advance search & filtering options

  •  Instant notification

  •  Multiple language support

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Our Work Process

Distinctively grow go forward with NEXUSWARETEC.
Enthusiastically disseminate user-centric outsourcing through revolutionary

Conduct Meeting & Evaluation Team


Designing UI/UX & Automation Workflow Process Team


Project Design, Planning Milestone, Execution Team


Testing Team & Go Live


Technical Support Team


Future Upgrade Analysis


Push for Update Team


Do you need Easy Stores Inventory,  Warehouse Management ?

NEXUSWARTEC  Save time on logistics, Automate the delivery, dispatch process, Keep customers updated With our live delivery-tracking link, Increase profitability, Centralize delivery No more juggling between apps.

The easiest way to manage local deliveries for your business
All-in-1 Integrated delivery software helps you easily offer and manage deliveries automatically & commission-free!

Set up in 2 days

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Happy Clients

Content clients who feel cared for

Happy Employees

Make Employees Happy that aren’t busy with routine copy-pasting the information

Measurable Reports

Reports with measurable metrics and insights for your real estate property that you can use to enhance it even further

Subscription   & Hosted  


 (1-10 Single Use)

One License Per Each Customize
End Product

Dedicated VPS
(Multiple Use)

Multiple License for Unlimited 
Customize Product

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Go By All-In-One Integrated Delivery Solutions Best Suits

Enhanced with intelligent workflows
-How it works-

Key Features

One Time Cost, Lifetime License


100% Customizable & Scalable


Dedicated Mobile App


Enriched UI/UX Experience


Multi-Level Administrative Access


Reporting & Analytics


Online Payment


Dashboard & Insight


Geo Task Management


Timeline & Activity Logs


Live Chat & Video Call


Document Management


Realtime Live Tracking Map


Advanced Search and Filter Option


Slipt Order and Generate Vendor Wise PO


Vendor Commission Management


Multiple Integration From Single Solution

NEXUSWARTEC gives you the power to customize your key workflows to match how your business operates, all within our easy-to-use platform. Our partners are top proptech solutions on the market that give your business a competitive edge while enhancing productivity and improving the resident experience.

Main Features

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Receive Incoming Material in Stock by Barcode or QR Code LOT or Serial number wise to  Auto Generate Internal Series Barcode.

After sending a purchase order, products can be received either directly to stock or after some quality checks, depending on the nature of the product. Thus the incoming shipment may involve multiple steps depending on the warehouse, delivery distance, etc. So depending on the products and product availability incoming shipment is arranged using different strategies.

Incoming shipments can be in one-step, two-steps or in three-steps. In the One-step strategy, the stock directly moves to stock. For the two-step strategy, the incoming goods are first unloaded in an input location. Then only it is moved to the stock. While in a three-step strategy the incoming goods are first unloaded in an input location, then to quality control and only after that it moves to stock.

Whenever the Items gets into stock, will be received and made auto entry should create barcode for each stock item, for same we wanted to print the barcode to tag on products.

Not Just for MRN, Scan Barcode or QR Code from

Sale Order